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Kiwilink UFB Fibre - Business Plans

Ultrafast Fibre Optic Internet access can deliver you the highest level of speed, performance, reliability and scalability.

Superior data speeds allow your business to run faster and staff to work faster and more efficiently. Fibre internet allows you to define a new way of doing business.

Fibre allows you to move to VOIP/SIP based telephoney services with more confidence to get more value, more features and greater freedom.

You can 'plug your business into the cloud' and access all the cloud computing applications available. Your servers can be hosted in the cloud, eliminating downtime and backup costs. You also have options to access office applications from anywhere in the world. You can use proven cloud based applications for accounting, sales management and CRM to reduce cost and streamline your processes.

Check the Chorus Service Availability Tool to check if your address when your address will get access to UFB Fibre

Prices to be finalised soon but please email info@kiwilink.co.nz with your requirements. Or call our sales team on 0800 894 198 between 8am and 6pm