Webmail Login:

SMTP Authentication

On 19th October 2010 Kiwilink is integrating more email security into our systems in order to battle the increasing amount of spam that is processed through the internet.

As part of this security change we are going to require you to make a simple change to your email program. Please bear in mind the settings below are for one version of MS Outlook and other versions may differ slightly.
For MS Outlook 2007 Users:

Click Tools
Click Accounts
Highlight the email account you want to change.
Click Change
Click More settings On the right hand side
Now click On the Outgoing server Tab
And click the check box for “My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication.
Click Ok
Click Next
Click Finish.
Test your email by sending a test message to someone you know and ask them to reply to your message. If you get an error when sending please make sure your username is your FULL email address.

For Windows Live Mail and Microsoft Outlook Express

Open Windows Live Mail

Right click on your email account > go to Properties

Or go to Tools > Accounts...

Under the Mail heading > double click on your email address

Go to the Servers Tab
Click the check box for My server requires authentication

Click OK
Test sending an email

Steps for Mozilla Thunderbird users:

Open Mozilla Thunderbird (note this tutorial is using ver 3.1.4)

Go to Tools > Accounts Settings

Click on Outgoing Server (SMTP) on the left menu
Highlight the Kiwilink outgoing server (mail.kiwilink.co.nz) then click on the Edit button

Under Security and Authentication enter the following settings

Connection security: None
Authentication method: Encrypted password
User Name: [your email address]

Click OK button
Click OK button again
Test sending an email

Steps for Mac Mail users:

Open Mac Mail (note this tutorial is using Mac OS X 10.5 Mail ver 3.2)

Go to Mail and select Preferences

The Account Information tab should be displayed with your email details.
You need to edit the Outgoing Mail Server by opening the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) pull-down menu, and selecting "Edit server list"

On the next screen select the "Advanced" tab.

Enter following settings in Advanced:
Use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) = unchecked
Authentication = Password
User Name = [your Kiwilink email address]
Password = [your Kiwilink email password]

Click OK button
Close and Save settings
Test sending an email