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KiwiLink - Web Design & Development

At KiwiLink we have built a highly experienced team and invested in the right online solutions so we can design and build high quality web sites quickly and affordably.

We have a broad range of options from our startup packages to solutions for the smallest of businesses, through to the larger and more complex corporate solutions.

The cost of building a website can be greatly reduced if you decide to select one of the HTML/CSS design templates available. Click here or here to view a number of templates that are available. If you need your site to have a more unique graphic design this an extra add-on service.

For advanced online solutions we have a number of pre-built modules to plug and play with, or alternatively you can use our experienced web design team. Our project managers, architects, analysts, designers and developers will kick off the project with your requirements and follow you through the process so that you end up with the website you want.

Please click here to review some of our the websites we have recently been working on

There's a lot more we can talk about so either email us at info@kiwilink.co.nz or call us on 0800 894 198.

All webmail prices are in New Zealand Dollars and exclude GST.